Photos giving a flavour of how the exhibition can be set up at different venues, in varied configurations. Arranged in chronological order.

Blackfriars Settlement showing 2021
At Blackfriars Settlement, Oct/Nov 2021, free-standing with artefacts. (Further showing here Sep/Oct 2022.) Also see the opening evening photos.
Part of Morley College installation
Part of Morley College installation, Nov/Dec 2021, along corridor walls.
Outside view for showing at gallery@oxo, OXO Tower Wharf, South Bank, January 2022.
Peckham Library 2022
Peckham Library, April/May 2022
A smaller footprint at Canada Water Library, May 2022.
Around the entrance of Camberwell Library, June 2022.

Extended show at Urban Room, UCL East

View into exhibition at Urban Room, UCL East, January/March 2023.
Wide angle view of installation reset for an event at Urban Room UCL East.

Weekend special at Tate Modern

A special showing in support of a weekend event (June 2023) exploring the challenges that Bankside communities are facing, particularly questions around gentrification, social justice, and community organising. This was part of Richard Bell’s Aboriginal Embassy tent project.

Exhibition on the turbine hall bridge looking towards the gallery entrance.
Wider view at Tate Modern.
Engrossed in issues of ‘SE1’. Booklets with background info, to take away, on stand in foreground.

More info

See Blackfriars SE1 in the 1970s page for more about the exhibition’s creation and a complete listing of showings to date. Note: venues missing from above are Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, Christ Church Southwark, St. Johns Church, London School of Architecture, Southwark Council Atrium.

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