The SE1 Stories group is currently sorting out the details for a late spring/early summer (2022) run of the ‘Blackfriars SE1 in the 1970s’ exhibition in a number of Southwark venues. First up: Peckham Library 23rd April to 12th May, then Canada Water Library 14th May to 2nd June. Keep an eye out for further dates and places.

Meanwhile, we have had the chance to review what has been entered into the Visitors’ Book so far. Over 150 positive and interesting comments, thank you very much! A small selection is gradually being added to the ‘Your Thoughts’ web page. These are being posted without naming the contributors, but just let us know if you recognise your words and would like your name added. We can also take items down, if necessary, but we’d much rather have further feedback from our online visitors. Please do use the little box under ‘Your thoughts are welcome’ at the very bottom of that page.